Awakened Review: Jim & Andy – Beyond Personalities’ Delusion

Jim Carrey is my ever favorite actor – person. Since my childhood, I was amazed how easily he decontexualized himself and lived as a character who totally unconcerned by others’ reality; say their ethics, ethiquettes and other one-sided perspectives. I’ve tended to act as an ever trouble maker just as his characters, making fun for the sake of myself that sometimes caused common laughter in others, or else people hated me for my arrogance and disrespect. Later, I faced Jim Carrey’s free-of-acting character through his awakening videos on youtube and recent movies like the one I made a review already on this blog: Kidding. The man with a thousand faces, putting down all his masks to say he is nobody – we are nobody – and he achieved nothing as there is nothing to achieve in this life. For the public who just enjoyed laughing at him only to break their boring reality for 120 minutes, this awakening outcome was a shocking view to witness, and they liked to hear with condolescance how sad his life was, and all the mental illnesses that media labeled with him. For me personally, deepening in my ever depression and Borderline Personality Disorder, this was a soothing news that my ever favorite actor just ensures me even more that nothing does matter behind the curtains.

Now, I decided to watch his documentary movie, Jim & Andy – The Great Beyond (2017) that I already knew partially from Youtube, but not yet as whole. Before sitting down to watch the documentary movie of Jim Carrey, I sat down to do a great preparatory research because the main source of the movie is coming from the behind-the-scenes video tapes of another movie, Man on the Moon (1999), that is Andy Kaufman‘s Biography Movie starred by Jim Carrey. Then, even before watching Man on the Moon, I faced another research to get to know Andy Kaufman because shame-not-shame, he was an actor I missed in my lifespan since he died 8 years before my birth, and he had such a cold-and-warm welcoming by hollywood that he become only the history of comedy industry.

For the information, Andy Kaufman was a born comedian who was found by comedy industry relatively lately; however, he lived the comedy himself. His style of entertainment was 300 % different than Hollywood standard; Andy’s purpose of performance was always to surprise the audience and show them a different perspective that scaled between funny, cringe and outrageous. The performance that he became loved by everybody is to appear on the stage as a person who has absolute no talent, anxiously mumbling, then turning out to a rockstar like Elvis Presley with a glance of 180° turn. The secret of this acting was that Andy Kaufman suffered from Complex Personality disorders, so his acting was actually living his faces that became the very reason why he was hated at the same time. He created a new star by camouflaging and renaming himself where he acted as a complete villain, appearing with a cigarette, brandy and prostitutes on the stage and being mean as well as retarded. Also, he enterred the sport field of wrestling, seriously challanging and humliating women to show how manly he is, having gone so far with the role that he accepted the challange of the real king of wrestling he almost broke his neck. He knew now jokes, and everything was a joke to him, knowing no limits at all so that Hollywood producers as well as the audience was afraid of him with every of his appearance like once he got annoyed during his show where the audience commanded to act his funny face, and he revenged them by reading them the whole book of The Great Gatsby. He died of an unfortunate lung cancer just after becoming the hated star of Hollywood, but he didn’t give up performing until the very last time to prove that he didn’t mean to hurt that many people by his jokes, and he did a last Christmass performance where he could radiate positive energy to everybody. Overall, Andy Kaufman was born to comedy, but the roles he played wasn’t a mask, but The Mask that he lived – just as Jim Carrey.

The movie of Man on the Moon by Jim Carrey was an incredibely funny and authentic presentation of Andy Kaufman in such an extent that Jim Carrey absolutely disappeared for that year during the shooting of the movie and he completely became Andy Kaufman and his personalities. The acting was so good during the shooting that the deceased Andy Kaufman’s whole family appeared behind the scene to see, hug and have a last discuss with their dear family member. Andy’s parents were overwhelmed by Jim’s personality change to see their troublesome son again, and moreover Andy’s daughter could have the first talk with her dead father whom she hasn’t seen alive yet. It’s unimaginable what it means to a person to witness how personalities can change so dramatically that themselves bend reality.

In the documentary of Andy and Jim – The Great Beyond, Jim Carrey shares the behind the scenes of that 1999 movie as he was not himself while being Andy Kaufman. The producers, actors as well as friends and relatives of Andy Kaufman were all shocked to communicate with Andy instead of Jim, and experience his schizofrenia with doing troubles at other studios, declining the choreography and doing what he likes – entertaining his personalities instead of doing performance for others. Jim similarly created another villain character like Andy did with Tony Clifton, and he seriously provocated the king of wrestling behind the scene exactly like Andy to an extent to that he became similarly hurt that he enjoyed to see on the news. In the commentary part of the documentary movie, Jim Carrey shared his thoughts about personality and reality that how it feels to put the masks up one by one; how hard it is to put down a mask, changing to another, and even harder to face that when we put down all the masks there’s no such thing as no mask. Everything is an acting, we are the person we choose to be, and it is hard to find reason putting up a mask when we don’t have the audience for it – behind the scenes, we are nobody. Is acting a job? For what? Is money necessary? For what? Golfing, parties, showing off cars, friends, lovers and cameras with their own masks? For what?

After several times getting hurt seriously and not finding the shelter, it is hard to put up a mask anymore. Nothing does matter. We’d like the character that everybody likes, but we are not that. We’d like the character that makes laugh everybody, but we are not that. We’d like to save everybody and sacrifice our lives for animal care, but we are not that. We’d like to give even our unused chair to the needy, giving a room at least one single soul, giving purpose for living at least to one person if we are not able to find it ourselves, but facing all the possibilities of failure leave us always a loser and our life meaningless. We’d like to be someone, but we are none after all… we can’t put another mask up without the void screaming at as that what we are doing is pathetic, and nothing does matter. Who can save us from this? Who’d be strong enough to create us a whole reality only for us and to overcome even our trials for escapes from it, always standing by us with a spare mask? Why? Only to spend this glance of relative reality more agreeably? After all nothing does matter when the masks fall off.

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