What’s Going On In Algeria ?

As the news have reached even the New York Times and other national and international broadcast services, Algeria is protesting in national and international level, on the streets of every Algerian districts and even on the streets of France. There may be two important questions of “Why?” and “Why is it important ?”


To understand the situation’s gravity, one musr understand the Algerian and their history – if I can call a couple of decades as history. As I have already mentioned in a blog here, Algeria suffered severe injuries in the recent decades because of religious, governmental and other externally influenced civil wars. People, presidents were dying that is still shocking for us. After those years, the today “president” was set as the only option to avoid confusion that was fine until… Until he was found not doing his job well, until he was found unable to stand up, until he was found unable to speak and until we – Algerian – must realise that we have no choice. We have no choice to vote others because there are no others. (This mafia system erases all the chances for upcoming changers.) We have no choice to elect because our votes are tricked. (Seriously, there’s none who would vote for a handicap to be president.) This is why, Algeria started a PEACEFUL Protest all over the country from everybody, following none, but the hope for freedom, for hope that we can elect our leader, for a hope that we’ll have a leader who actually leads us, talks to us, does development in the horrible education system, the horrible medical services, the low payments, the low international reputation because of lacking culture, peace, safe and other means. May God be with us.

Then, why is it important?

As I just have written, Algeria was peaceful during 4 presidential cycles without any manifestation, without any word… But we said NO for the Fifth election of the half-dead wheelchair puppet, saying it with no respect because of the government that pushes him. Algerian had respect for the revolution and the martyrs of the civil wars and for the president as well to keep silent, keep silent, keep silent may God give us better days and send these thieves away, but No. This is a time where we say NO – and it IS a very big no because this hot-headed, disappointed nation had too much patience already… It’s time to empty our heart from the venoms.

This avalanche like exploding gives gravity to the situation. We were under pressure until it exploded. Then, our leader elements are no emblems, no religions, but the human rights against this ridiculous team holding the country and exploiting it.
We have a hopeful person, Rachid Nekkaz, for presidency; however, he was ridiculously humiliated during the last cycle and this time. However, his nice intention, charismatic appearance and trolling acts led him to be loved by the people and play out the system. Even if the people doesn’t trust in him 100% because he is foolish and fooling the government and he is half French and bears rather European values, he still could be a potential leader and a beacon of hope for the future whom personally I do support. But what is more important is SOME CHANGE, and by some Algeria means everything. We love our country we love the best for it, we don’t want to just escape and escape from it, we want to Make it Better.
God knows where it is going if the mafia government doesn’t want to let their place away to feed themselves… I wish God it will only be safe for us.


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