My first day as a translator

One of the most awkward moment is falling into the whirling actions of an insane, especially if that insane bears with some responsibility. This is my case today.
Fortunately, I met no crazy bosses or senile dictators, but this one I had to share my day with, is enough. The background of the story is long-long-long, but I’m cutting it short. There’s a neighbour of us and dad loves neighbours as much as he loves responsable people. This man whom I will call Mr Catfish from now on – because of the FAAAAT resemblance – is an accountant. Being an accountant is a respectful profession; however, the numbers of people whom have got driven crazy by the numbers are as numerous as the numbers themselves they are working with. So, Mr Catfish who is a neighbour for us is a likely people for my chatbox father to philosophy about the numbers and numbers and numbers. Whatever, I always avoided THEIR conspiracy talking for my self health – I tried at least. Then, how come I have to spend my whole day with him now? A funny and very tiring story that made me to blog again finally. *brainfuck intended*
So, the crazy day:

Mr Catfish called me the day before and before and before on purpose to make me contact with an importer businessman who needs a language bug like me. Actually, when I called the businessman he wasn’t too interested in me than Mr Catfish advent, but it’s logical. *This day is a strategic childish disguise.* My dad sold a fixed bicycle to Mr Catfish who is not an easy payer as we know it. One or the most common characteristics of a not an easy payer is avoiding the topic of actually paying. For this, they make hopeful stories to keep the waiting people hopefully await. Too bad for me since this day is that hopeful story of the by-the-way rich but not-a-good-payer Mr Catfish.

So, Mr Catfish called me to make me contact with an importer businessman who as if needs a language bug like me. We will see. For now, I am “enjoying” his presence. For instance, in the morning we played Beni Hill: we agreed on meeting at 6.30 at the round point of the neighborhood. At 6.20, I had been already facing it when he called me to hurry me up since he’s waiting there. Okay, what the hell, I kept walking in my calm way and voilà he WASN’T there! A bus came directly, so I got on it because he might be at the next round point, but NEITHER THERE. He called me where I was for God sake. I was like hahaha, the man who cries “WOLF” or “I’M ALREADY THERE” never ends well. He told me let’s wait there. I was waiting. THEN, HE POPPED UP FROM THE BACKWARD direction. It was totally illogical, and I don’t believe in magic even if it’s of magic of crazy people; I held myself from asking “What the fact, Uncle Catfish, wer da heck you were?” Then, he kept waiting for his favorite bus in the middle of the road calling me there if I see it better coming. Well, I couldn’t see it better coming than it was just not its time to come, but after letting about 5 local transport we got on the sixth finally, even if in a ridiculous manner. The ridiculousness was continous like an evil, crazy uncle is Mr Catfish to me. LOL. When we sat down for a little breakfast (that was a happy surprise for me as ATLEAST one, one normal element in the day and maybe the only) he vacuumed his croissant and café au lait and stood up looking down on me while eating (unmisunderstandably saying that I shall hurry up). Oooooaay. I hurried up and started to write this brainfuck note while hurrying to the train.
He didn’t want to get on the first EXPRESS train coming because HE just DIDN’T like it. We waited for another. Oh, I still have a hope that we finish in the capital quickly and I can get to the university to work on my research thesis. I’m still hoping that arriving there, the businessman uncovers Mr Catfish’s fake story and I can go on my road… Like what the hell, I asked that businessman to send his files by email and I will translate them for him, but he didn’t want it? Is it serious ? He told me I’m already late. Who, me? I’m the first time calling you are already late?! I felt exactly that Mr Crazy Catfish had a Mr Crazy Businessman friend.

During the road, one would think that we talk, regarding that he’s a neighbour, my father’s friend and I taught his children. *Mais non* He is like my evil step-uncle. Conversations are limited and each of his fifth sentence ends like: “I’m a Qualified Accountant !” that makes me swallow a stone of silence like what da heck he’s trying to tell me by that? To shut up? To know where is my place? To know who I a talking with or whatttt? LOL. Also, it’s been about 4 years ago walking in Algiers so slowly and changing the road left and right as if not knowing it as I experienced with Mr Catfish now. I saw the painful nostalgia on every man’s and woman’s face avoiding us, and I could analyse finally the human excretes on the road. Time is precious, I’m waiting on a bus to arrive to Mr Businessman.
Now, almost arriving there are thoughts going trough my mind: what if it’s gonna be serious? What if I have to interpret and translate while people judge my competence. Well, my shield on my ego is hard to break, and I can easily take it as a joke. Then, if it’s really serious I can share or favor my friend Khalil with the job. Ash, pursuit of happiness! But let’s boogey…

In the office. Mr Catfish and I walked through Kouba and arrived to the office where he is working – of course as a qualified accountant. During the road we shared interest in history of Ottomans and French in Algeria; however, that tasted quite like one of my father’s chatterbox cake. Whatever. I’m here in the office waiting while he’s typing and sometimes showing me his accounting software. Where’s Mr. Businessman, what he wants?
Interesting day, I found nice occupation for it. I sat down directly in front of some pc and started to translate technological brochures from English to French. Mr Businessman actually was really bossy and harsh, but it fit his style even if I hate such people. I played the role in which he wanted me as an office worker with trial minimal payment, doing translation and occasional emails or interpretations. The job sounds me fishy, taking me too much time and energy while I’m exploited for nothing, but I’ll see how to cooperate on it next time on Wednesday.
Now, I’m okay, not really tired and not really hungry since the boss just invited us for a nice lunch, but I still wish some smoke.. This day was very empty regarding of fulfilling my needs. At night I’ll play some Dragon Age Inquisition and think of what to teach tomorrow.

P.S.: It’s been a long time I did no blog, but I’ll see if I can change on it in the future. I just started to feel alive again a little bit.


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